About NEI - Now Enterprises International

Commitment, dedication and a whole lot of strange luck.

In 1998, while in the midst of building a brick and mortor venture, The founders of NEI had decided to expand into the internet to increase it's demographics. Two sites had been spawned from it. The supporting e-commerce and a shopping directory. The shopping directory was born based on our committment to help our vistors find what they are looking for. And satisfy vistor requests for items the e-commerce store did not carry. Although, the original brick and mortor and e-commerce site have since been closed. The shopping directory thrived. The 2GirlsAndAPenguin.com Shopping directory has grown every since.

Using the same phylosophy of cutomer satifaction; The 2 Girls and A Penguin network had grown to the point that the name no longer fit with many of the ventures. A need for a parent company was becoming essential to ensure proper growth. Thus in 2001 Now Enterprises Intl. was born to serve as Parent to the 2 girls and a Penguin network.

Today, NEI has grown into what it is today with over 10 different websites and several "real world" ventures. And more on the way.

An unfinished joke becomes an icon.

"Two girls and a penguin..."
While desperatly lookin for a catchy and memerable name for the shopping directory a variation of an old joke came to mind.

Other Interests

"Real World" interests currently under development by NEI.


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